Healthy lunch box ideas: Basmati rice with fresh vegetables and greens


How often we lack of imagination and time for meal preparation to take it with us to work, school or just to go! Typically it may be causes of unhealthy snacking as a fast food, chocolate bars, chips and other junk food! All of this affects not only the shape and condition of the body, but also the health and energy level throughout the day!
Regular intake of quality food is very important for our health! Pretend that body is an expensive car, that needs high-quality fuel, otherwise it's life will be very short! Love yourself and treat only with clean, healthy food!
We are happy to help you with that!
Healthy lunch box ideas by Tanya Mint:Tanya mint Banana small

1. Basmati rice with fresh cucumber, avocado and greens.

2. Sauce: pumpkin - sunflower seeds with lemon juice, garlic and fresh basil mix in a food processor till creamy.
3. Spinach smoothie with banana, strawberry, cherry and vanilla.
4. Clementines

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