Homemade Fruit Paste

Fruit paste

Daria, young mommy and founder of Eco-store "My Way" share with us healthy family recipes.Dasha small

"I remember taste of my grandmother's fruit paste. She cooked it from our apples and plums from our garden. She laying out it on the rocks in a sunny days. It was chewy and sour! Of course make the same at home is impossible, but tasty and healthy fruit paste - no problems!"


  • 500 g pitted plums (can be frozen)
  • 500 g sweet apples
  • Dates (optional, for sweeter taste)
  • Chia seeds, poppy, sesame seeds.


1. Peel apples and clean from seeds.
2. Beat all in a blender, if the mass too sour add dates. It must get mashed, like thick cream.
3. Spread cream on silicone mat (parchment and a greased baking sheet or floured will not work because still sticky).
4. Sprinkle chia, poppy seeds and sesame seeds.
5. Then dry in the oven at the lowest temperature or in a dehydrator at 45C, if there one.

6. When ready it must be flexible and do not stick to your hands.

For children this treat simply interchangeable, and a great snack!

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