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Vegan School - is a detailed guide to the world of plant-based diet, with practical advice, recipes, useful information and the latest research on this topic. It is as seven day course during which you will receive a daily email in which we give answers to all the questions related to the transition to a vegan lifestyle. This seven day course is designed specifically to assist you in the transition to the plant based diet.

Vegan School course includes all the necessary information that any "vegan" beginner might need!



Vegan School will help you learn how to have well balanced plant-based diet, while not feeling hungry or deprived of food!



Learn what to eat, how to behave and find healthy solutions when going to parties, family reunions or restaurants!



Every day you will receive recipes, practical advice, educational material and useful information!

Vegan School Course Includes:

  • 7 detailed lessons about what does it mean to be VEGAN!

  • 21 recipes for any occasion!

  • Every day advices!

  • Solution to the problems or complications that you might be faced with during the transition to plant-based diet!

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During the course you will find answers to questions like:



  • Who are vegans and what do they eat?
  • How to cook vegan food?
  • How to get enough protein?
  • How to get enough vitamin B12?
  • What is a well-balanced nutrition?
  • Why plant-based diet is good for health?
  • Can vegans change the world?

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Vegan-School - become healthier and save your planet!




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