Sweet treats

Bear cookies

These cookies would make the perfect take-along snack for work or school. They would also make a lovely holiday gift or dessert for fall parties. And since they’re refined sugar-free and vegan, everyone can enjoy!

Cacao - maca energy balls

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

This energy bites have one really magic ingredient: maca, a superfood powder made from a Peruvian root. It gives the most amazing energy boost, it also contains all the essential amino acids, which means that it’s a plant-based source of B-12, an important vitamin that can be missing in modern diets. It’s a great source of calcium, magnesium and iron, and is even known to help balance your hormones. 

Carob and Banana Tempura

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

Healthy tempura free from frying and oils!

But still crunchy and delicious!

Very easy to cook and perfect for festive feast!

Christmas Pudding with Vanilla Cream

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

Classy Christmas pudding with beautiful smell of holidays free from oils, sugar and additives!
Only plant based ingredients!
Everything is absolutely real and not as hard as I always thought!
I wish you a Christmas mood and magic!

Homemade Fruit Paste

Daria, young mommy and founder of Eco-store "My Way" share with us healthy family recipes.

"I remember taste of my grandmother's fruit paste. She cooked it from our apples and plums from our garden. She laying out it on the rocks in a sunny days. It was chewy and sour! Of course make the same at home is impossible, but tasty and healthy fruit paste - no problems!"

Pumpkin and coconut porridge muffins

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

The most delicious way to eat your porridge!

Wonderful as a breakfast, snack, dessert and perfect for a Christmas tea!

Pumpkin Pie

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

The base is so deliciously crunchy, while the pumpkin mix is so smooth and creamy!

Absolutely must for holidays!

Pumpkin spiced Halloween truffles

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

If you are looking for a healthier take on trick or treat sweet than you have to make this!
They are sweet and chocolatey!
They are unbelievably delicious and no one would guess that they are made of pumpkin!

Quinoa Cookies with Apple and Cinnamon

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

Apples in season, so here we go! 

This cookies are perfect for breakfast or to go, for a kids lunch box or as a post workout snack!

Raw Courgette Christmas Cake

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:
Raw desserts have a reputation of fatty, heavy meals, but not this one!

Light, juicy, flavorful dessert will please you and your guests and leave only positive emotions!

Set of healthy sweets

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

Delicious idea for a healthy present to family and friends!

Super Healthy Brownies

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

Trust, you need them in your life

For special occasions or like a healthy treat!

Delicious and:

  • nuts free
  • fudgy
  • chocolatey
  • cakey on the edges
  • mega moist in the middle

pure perfection! 

Vanilla toffees with quinoa

Anastasia Fedorin's recipes:

They are chewy and crunchy but nuts and sugar free! 

Pure healthy perfection!

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