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Who really needs to go on a gluten-free diet? Let's explore the gluten question with Lena Strebkova!Lena strebkova small

It supposed to be so trendy to be vegetarian or vegan, buy food with labels «sugar free», «lactose free» and «gluten free» with no slightest comprehension wha is generally hidden behind this notions. As for being «green» I’m with both hands for it (especially if you are consciousness usly realize the importance of this jorney), and sugar is nothing but evil, indeed. However, i am more than sure, that as well as for me, for most of you two others are like a wild fores. Let’s try to look into this business together. 

What is this notorious gluten?!

Generally speaking, gluten is nothing but starch - the compound protein that forms many cereals. It’s Latin name means «glue», and it really is one. Gluten pasts together grains of flour, forming elastic dough.

Where it is?!

Wheat, barley and rye contains an essential amount of gluten, therefore all the secondary has it. White flour bread and bakery products, pastries, different types of pasta, corn flakes and some other dry ready-made breakfasts and snacks - all this is about gluten.

As far as gluten is responsible for thickness and tenacity it may contain different sauces, ice cream, yogurt and plenty of other food stuff that definitely forms your standart consumer goods basket. It is usually marked as "the modified food Amylum" or "the hydrolyzed protein". As a result of these culinary experiments, consumption of gluten in the developed countries exceeds all thinkable indexes. Sounds deterrent, isn’t it?!

But, is gluten harmful for health or not?!

As gluten’s consumed with the food, it may firstly hurt stomach. Breaking the functions of intestines it lowers the level uptake of sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals that may inevitably lead to a weight set or, on the contrary, weight lose, decrease in muscle activity, chronic diarrhea, diabetes mellitus, anemia, depressions and so forth.

Earlier it was considered that no more than 1% of population suffers with gluten intolerance or so called Gee's disease. (I guess there are more of us - according to the newest investigations weak forms of celiac disease strikes large amount of people).

If after macaroni (bread, cakes etc.) your stomach hurts or you are overcame with meteorism — descend to the gastroenterologist. He will establish the diagnosis and will prescribe you gluten free diet.

However, don’t get too far with it.

The dirty trick

«Gluten free» products may contain as much fats & callories as normal ones (or even more). Remember that «Gluten free» sticker on a box of chocolate cookies does not grant you to gobble up the whole pack.

If you are gluten intolerant, please, don’t panic and thoughtlessly buy up all «gluten free» stuff in the store. Stope blindly trust advertising, variate you food habits with fresh, homemade food. Getting rid of all half-stuff, it seems that you fighting with gluten, but practically you gain profit from expeling refined carbohydrates.

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