How to survive in the City - 5 simple advices

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Learn how to stay healthy in the City with raw vegan chef - Olga Nikolayeva.Olga Nikolayeva


1. Mindful eating.

Its good to remember one old wise saying: "you are what you eat" and its good to think beforе taking some junk food in supermarket or some chocolate bar on a cash desk.
More raw food - this is what really can fill you with energy and health. You can find it at local markets, where you can get fresh greens, delicious tomatoes or nuts and sundried fruits even in winter, or at special organic stores in which you can find anything starting from green buckwheat and flax seeds to raw candies or even healthy replacement of sugar.


2. Movement is life.

Obviously that neverending city rush and the fact of owning a car are an obstacles to being healthy, but it shouldn't stop you.
30 minutes per day - walking to work, or going to subway by feet instead of taking bus, park walks will help you to organize your thoughts, will make you fresh and alive, and provide you protection from varicosity or swellings.

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3. Cold and hot shower - better alternative to cup of coffee.

We all heard a lot about that type of showering. So its about time to remind yourself about it. Don't be lazy! Cold and hot shower will strengthen your immunity and improve you blood circulation, metabolism and simply bring you in a better mood.

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4. Natural beauty.

City is a place where temptation lives. Advertising is making it worse, by dictating what treatment you should use for your skin or hair. Wake up! Next time when you come to supermarket to get your favorite shampoo or body cream, read the composition. A lot of components that you don't know what they exactly are, and you hardly can pronounce them? Everything is much easier! Body lotion can be easily replaced with coconut or olive oil, to replace shampoo you can get a mustard powder. Why? Because nutrition of your body is not only what you put into your mouth, it's also what you apply to your skin. There is a big amount of organic brands which are making pure cosmetics including decorative cosmetics, which contain only clear, clean and even delicious ingredients.

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5. Cut down the monitors

Time is priceless. Instead of checking on social networks, use time for yourself - do yoga, meditate, create something using your hands or make a glass of healthy an delicious smoothie.

Be healthy! =)

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