10 tips how to change your eating habits without stress

"Don't you really eat meat and milk products? So what do you eat? I can't even imagine my life without animal products!"

Yes, we have to listen something like that almost often. And this is normal because of old food stereotypes. But still how to start a clean eating? 


Anastasia Varlamova share with us her tips how to keep a healthy lifestyle!Anastassia Varlamova small

Here you can find 10 tips how to make it less stressful:

1. The most important thing is to truly understand all the harm that your old food habits do to you. Start to feel and sincerely love your body! You should realize in details all the negative processes that happens while you are eating something tasty but very harmful and how it is hard to your body to deal with it. Be honest to yourself and admit that you are depend on food, and now you decide to change the way you have lived before. Without this understanding it will be very hard to change your eating habits.

2. Learn as much information as you can. You can take it from books, videos, lectures, blogs etc. Be confident at the way that you choose.

3. Beforehand buy all the products you will need and find new recipes. New world of vegan food is waiting for you. New and very interesting.

bananas koric

4. If you don't feel good in the beginning don't worry! It can take some time your body will clean itself and get used to new food.

5. Don't be afraid of condemnation. Some people will not support you because of ignorance of this topic. And those who want to hurt you do it only to prove themselves that their food is much better. They just don't even capable of such action.

6. Please, don't think that you refuse all the tasty food. You just choose the new one. Tasty, helthy and ethic to animals.

7. Find some examples for motivation. They will help you to stay on track.

bowl granat

8. Try to include in your diet more fresh products, such as fruit and greens.

9. Always take snacks with you when you are out. They will help you not to fail.

10. Use less salt and spice. It is very easy to over eat when using them. It will take some time to discover natural tastes of clean food.

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