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Most of us love travelling, and it can be a big part of our lives. Is it a vacation, business trip or just visiting grandma in the other city, it can always bring us many positive emotions and impressions. It is very healthy for our personalities to step out of our everyday lives, experience something new and explore the world. However, spending a long time on the road or in the air can cause us also some unpleasant moments - indigestion, stiffness, headaches or swelling.

Yoga can help us to feel much more better while traveling!


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Often we get too tired during the trip, so after reaching our destination, we usually take a shower and then consider taking a power nap to regenerate, not going out and enjoying our vacation, for example. And it is obvious, because we have likely spent several hours sitting in one pose without having fresh air. Even a few hours driving makes us feel tired, stiff and sleepy, but if we talk about travelling by plane, it is even more complicated. Conditioned air, time zone and air pressure change, all of that affects our body and feeling. My suggestion is to do some yoga poses instead of the power nap, to improve your blood circulation, restore digestion, massage internal organs, calm your stressful mind and simply just stretch out those stiff muscles. Hold each pose as long as you feel good, breathe deep and enjoy.



Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Vija Dfdog

Even if you are not a yogi, you have probably heard about this pose, and good for you, because it is amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now! This pose is also a part of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) sequence, and not without a reason. As it is great for your blood circulation and stretching throughout, I can also suggest to do it before your trip, but most likely you won’t have time, just like me. So it is definitely the one you will do right after reaching your hotel room, because of the following benefits:

-​Relaxes and relieves fatigue,

-​Invigorates and helps to restore energy,

-​Improves blood circulation,

-​Strengthens abdominal muscles,

-​Improves digestion,

-​Stretches tight shoulders and hamstrings,

How to do it:

-​Start on your hands and knees - hands under the shoulders, knees under the hips,

-​On the exhale, lift your knees off the floor,

-​Feet - hip width apart and parallel to each other, press them firmly into the floor,

-​Palms - shoulder width apart, fingers pressed into the floor,

-​Lengthen your arms, draw in the elbows,

-​Try to push your shoulders away from the ears,

-​Release your neck,

-​If your feet don’t reach the floor yet, bend your knees a little and focus on lengthening the spine. Only after your lower back is straightened, step by step try to straighten also the knees and push your feet into the floor.


Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

Vija Tree

Practicing this pose is a good way to restore your balance, consciousness, inner peace and feel grounded in all the ways. It is one of my favourites, and sometimes I do it just before going to bed after a stressful day to calm down. Here are the benefits of the Tree Pose:

-​Trains the vestibular system, developing a sense of balance and stability,

-​Brings balance to the mind, improves concentration,

-​Strengthens and tones legs and feet, 

-​Opens the hip flexors,

-​Increases capacity of lungs, improving respiration,

-​Invigorates, stretching out the whole body,

-​Strengthens the ankles and knees.

How to do it:

-​Start with Mountain Pose (Tadasana),

-​Focus your gaze on one point in front of you, so you can concentrate and keep the balance,

-​Bend the right knee and put the right foot inside of the left thigh,

-​Foot firmly pressed into the left thigh, fingers pointing down,

-​Push your right knee back, opening the hips,

-​On the inhale, bring your palms together in front of you and stretch the arms above your head,

-​Lengthen your arms upwards, keep the shoulders down, and do not press your neck,

-​Repeat slowly on the other side.


Happy Baby pose (Ananda Balasana)

Vija happybaby

Who doesn’t want to feel like a happy baby! This pose is awesome, because it seems so easy and you can try it even in your bed, but it can also bring many important benefits, if you do it correctly (and on your yoga mat). Lying down and bringing legs up is always a good idea to improve blood circulation and other healthy processes, especially after a long travel. And here are the benefits of the pose:

-​Relieves stress and fatigue, calms the mind,

-​Releases, stretches and lengthens the lower back, 

-​Realigns the spine,

-​Stretches hips, groins and hamstrings,

-​Stimulates and improves genitourinary system,

-​Relieves neck pain and tightness,

-​Stimulates abdominal organs.

How to do it:

-​Lay on your back, on the inhale, lift up straight legs and stay here for few calm breaths,

-​Bend your knees and draw them close to the chest, feet pointing upwards,

-​Hold the outer edges of your feet, open the knees, gently pushing them towards your armpits,

-​Flex the feet,

-​Get your ankles directly over the knees, shins should be perpendicular to the floor,

-​Gently push your tailbone into the floor, 

-​Lengthen the neck.

I wish you a nice travel, and don’t forget to eat less, drink more (water) and wear comfortable clothes.


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