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watch Sodium salt, that is also known as «table salt", "rock salt", "food salt" or simply the salt is a chemical compound of sodium and chlorine (NaCl). So as the first element is responsible for acid-base and water balance in an organism and provides for the correct transfer of nervous impulses, and the second participates in ensuring reductions of muscles - «sodium salt» along with other types of salts (potassium, calcic, magnesian, phosphoric, etc.) plays an important part in metabolic processes.

see Therefore, it is logical to assume that table salt is essential.

click But…!

phrase drole pour site de rencontre ONLY in a CERTAIN AMOUNT!

source 5 grams of it daily

ist stockpair legal «Salt to taste» is always written in the most of the (supposed to be healthy) recipes. I guess, you blindly follow this prescription, cause lunch seems to be tasteless without a couple or rather a triple dashes of this condiment.

documenti da presentare per opzioni binarie But have you ever tried it without any seasoning?! Have you ever tried the original flavor of food you prepare?! No? I tell you. It’s gorgeous. Sweet, bitter, spicy and sour in comfort proportions, and this damn 5 essential grams of NaCl can be freely taken from whole products.

According to World Health Organization, systematic reception of an excess amount of salt increases blood pressure and, as a result leads to problems with nerve system, kidneys and heart, osteoporosis and even stomach canser.

see Let’s see how it works:

- From our biological classes we’ve learned that 70% of our body contains of water and the salt by corking up the channels detains liquid inside (each gram of NaCl holds back nearly 100ml of liquid). After coolly salted food you’re always craving for extra drinking and later starving with hydrops. Pressing the vessels hydrops increases blood pressure and as a result overloads your heart.

- Excess liquid provokes growth of fat cells, i.e. obesity. As a bonus, seasoned food increase appetite forcing us to eat more… . That’s just what we need to aggravate heart problems… .Right?!

- Excess liquid by overloading veins, paving direct way to varicosity, hemorrhoids and other unpleasant things.

- Along with others table salt can be a reason of hypostasis of eyelids and can lead to increase of intraocular pressure developing cataract.

- Because of an excess of chlorine oversaturated hydrochloric acid irritates wall of the stomach. Say «hi!» to heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, the stomach cancer.

- Discomfort in stomach is one of the main reason of neurval breakdowns, and here the psychological aspect in deal. We just simply want to treat ourselves with some snack, but all we get is a strong irritating pain. Following old habit we try to compensate it with extra portion of saturated flavors, thus getting in vicious circle.

- Physiologically excess liquid leaves our body with sweat and urine. But, because of stomach pains we try to shirking workouts, therefore kidneys have to work harder. Sooner or later it leads to other strokes of bad luck on our health.

That suppose to be all… However… there’s one more interesting thing you’d better know before adding crystales of NaCl to your meal - rencontre homme 79 3 grams of salt per kilo of weight is incompatible with life… .

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