3 Detox Asanas to prevent autumn cold

 Yoga with Vija:

vija asana introVija smallProbably you have noticed that people tend to catch a cold or other illness in the autumn, and best way to prevent that is to get yourself ready for any seasonal changes. We usually consider the spring as time of a year for detoxing and starting to awaken our bodies from lazy-comfy winter mood. But you know, autumn is also a great time for any kind of cleansing and detox. Actually, it is a very important time of the year to treat our bodies well, because it is the easiest way to get ready for winter properly. Healthy diet is good, but it works more effectively after detoxing, because cleaner blood will provide better nutrient delivery to all body parts and organs. 


You have heard about yoga poses with detoxing qualities, and you have probably wondered what does that mean. One pose and you are free of toxins? No! It doesn’t work that way, and if you are expecting to reach any changes by one „click”, you are wrong, because only TV works that way, not a healthy lifestyle change. Everything we do in our daily life affects our body and health - eating, drinking, moving, sleeping, walking, talking, thinking, etc. Accordingly, if you want to make lasting changes, step by step, but you have to change your whole lifestyle. And if you are up to detox your body with a diet change, I can suggest some yoga poses for your daily practice that will improve the cleansing and provide many other good things you will be happy about. Here are 3 poses having detox and digestive effects. All of them are intense enough, so be sure to have a good warm-up before you start twisting and bending. Add these poses to your daily practice, complete your autumn detox and get ready for the cold season. Hold each pose as long as you can to reach maximum effect. Remember - changes start beyond our comfort zone 


Half Lord of Fishes pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

vija asana2

This seated twist pose is nice and quite easy, but you can always go deeper and improve your performance. Half Lord of Fishes pose is a must for your daily practice because of following benefits:

-​Improves digestion, eliminates toxins,

-​Stimulates cleanse of internal organs,

-​Stimulates liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs,

-​Relieves backache, fatigue and menstrual pain,

-​Strengthens abdominal muscles and obliques,

-​Opens shoulders and hips.

How to do it:

-​Begin seated with straight legs in front of you,

-​Bend right knee and place right foot outside the left knee, pressing it into the floor,

-​Fold your left leg and tuck the foot to the outside of the right hip,

-​Inhale and raise your left arm, exhale and twist to the right, folding your torso to inner right thigh,

-​Press your left elbow into right knee, deepening the twist, fingertips pointing up,

-​Place your right hand behind as far as possible to the right,

-​Initiate the twist from tail bone upwards till the top of the head,

-​Turn your head and gaze over the right shoulder,

-​To deepen the twist, put your left arm through right leg and bind both hands behind you,

-​Hold the pose for at least 10 deep breaths, repeat on the other side.


Twisted / Revolved Chair pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

vija asana1

This lovely twist will make your body work big time! It is one of the most popular detox poses, and here are some interesting benefits it provides:

-​Improves digestion,

-​Stimulates abdominal organs,

-​Builds beautiful waistline, reducing fat,

-​Relieves pain in back,

-​Strengthens backbone, 

-​Relieves tight shoulders, opens the chest and upper back,

-​Strengthens back, chest and leg muscles.

How to do it:

-​Get into Chair pose, feet together, shoulders down,

-​Extend arms diagonally up along ears,

-​Exhale and twist torso to the right,

-​Press your palms together in prayer position between the chest,

-​Press left upper arm against the right thigh,

-​Rotate your right shoulder outside,

-​Gaze directed upwards,

-​Keep your knees together in one line,

-​Tuck your tailbone,

-​Breathe deep and slow,

-​Inhale and fill your upper body with energy, exhale and open the right shoulder even more,

-​Keep your legs strong and feet planted into the ground,

-​Hold the pose for at least 5 deep breaths, repeat on the other side.


Locust pose (Salabhasana)

vija asana3

Not the first pose when talking about detox, and I still wonder why, because it works so intensively. I used to avoid Locust pose, as it was hard and uncomfortable. When I learned how to do this pose correctly and how many benefits it provides, I started to practice it daily, and the results were amazing - it made me feel much better and stronger. Here are some really important benefits, practicing Locust pose:

-​Stimulates abdominal organs, especially liver, pancreas, intestines and kidneys,

-​Eliminates digestive system diseases and constipation,

-​Stimulates digestion and metabolism,

-​Strengthens lower back, arm, pelvis and abdomen muscles,

-​Restores the health of bladder and prostate.

How to do it:

-​Lie on the floor on your belly,

-​Connect big toes, keep your thighs together,

-​Extend your arms along the body, palms facing up or in,

-​Lower your forehead,

-​Exhale and lift your legs, arms, head and chest from the floor, bending the thoracic spine and lengthening the tail bone,

-​Engage your core, inner thighs, triceps and upper back muscles,

-​Keep your balance on the belly and press down through your pubic bone,

-​Don’t hold your breath, breathe deep to massage the organs,

-​You can press your palms together and cross the fingers, or your arms can be just down at the beginning,

-​Focus on lengthening spine and opening chest, avoiding pain in the lower back,

-​Gently move your head back and point top of the head upwards,

-​While lifting up, imagine someone pulls your arms back,

-​Hold the pose for at least 5 deep breaths.

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