Pear Scrub and Mask

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watch Fresh fruits not only heal us and make us healthy from within, but also help to preserve the beauty and health of our skin on the outside.

here Having tried once pear scrub on your skin, it is difficult not to indulge yourself is pleasure  regularly. This scrub is very gentle and will not damage your skin!

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Take a ripe, soft, pear and take the skin off, try to remove the skin in one, so it will be convenient to move it around the face later.  Villi on the inside of pear skin are stony cell membranes, which are composed of lignified fiber will help to cleanse the skin and improve blood circulation. source Mask

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Apply pear pure all over the face, let dry and rinse with cold water. You can apply a thin layer, when you don't have a lot of time, while having breakfast or getting ready  for work. Or you can cover the face with dense layer of pear puree and meditate with closed eyes or lay in Shavasana while the mask makes the skin fresh and glowing.

1 trades binaere optionen Pear is rich in sugars, organic acids, enzymes, fiber, tannins, nitrogen and pektinovymiveschestvami, vitamins C, B1, P, PP, carotene (provitamin A), as well as flavonoids and volatile production.

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