5 ways to increase your Willpower


A person without will can grow neither into material world nor into spiritual world.  

Everyone has limited quantity of will - that's why people fail when they try to change many things at the same time. The gradual change is the right utilization of the energy of will. The gradual change bring success as well as increase into will.


Our conscious effort and observation can increase the energy of will.

With every successful action you are increasing will.  With every failure you decrease the energy of will.



Here are some of the ways to increase the energy of Will,  by Guru Acharya Yogesh: Yogesh smile small


1 - Always keep your promises! If you know that you can not keep it - than don't commit those of things.


2 - Every morning make programme for entire day and try to follow that programme!


3 - Every day practice at least 5 little acts where you stick to your decision. You can start with very small acts like be aware of breath for 5 minutes!


4 - Be in the company with the people who have strong will and integrity!


5 - Train your body with any physcial practice like asana, exercise, walking, running, swimming, dancing or any physical work. That is great source of increase willpower.

Have a WILLFULL day!


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