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We are pleased to welcome you to CleanEaters.com, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, life in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. We sincerely believe that anyone can change the world, start with themself. Yes, we not know it by hearsay that the start is not easy, but we will try to help you! CleanEaters.Com - is a community of people on the way to health and beauty, harmony with themself and nature. Here will be collected best practices and experts of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle from around the world, the best recipes for healthy meals and all necessary support for you!

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Alex Fedorin
Founder of The CleanEaters Community, CEO, developer of CleanEators.Com, co-author of wellness and educational courses RealCleanRealClean ExpressVegan School. Yoga Alliance certified multistyle Yoga teacher, co-author of the health cookbook "Clean Eater's Bible". Vegan, traveller, action sports athelete.

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 Anastasia Fedorin

Co-founder of the CleanEaters Community, editor-in-chief, editor-translator of CleanEaters.Com, author of welness and educational courses RealCleanRealClean Express, Vegan School. Nutritionist, Yoga Alliance certified multistyle Yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, health-coach. Health Nutrition expert, Chef, author of the health cookbook "The Clean Eater's Bible". Vegan, traveller, athlete.

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Mark Mazin

Ph.D in technical science,  technical author of the "ARMOS" system for healing and decompression of the spine. Editor of CleanEaters.Com, graduate of "Kripalu" yoga and health center (USA) with concentration in therapeutic exercises, therapeutic exercise instructor at the Institute of Massage, with over 20 years of work experience in this field.

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 Sophie Louise Egawa

Marketing Specialist, copywrighter & editor of CleanEaters.Com, health & wellness coach, passionate clean-living vegan, foodie and creative cook, traveller with big dreams and fitness fan.

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Acharya Yogesh

Editor of CleanEaters.Com. Master of cleansing process and pranayamic technique. Teacher for philosophy, yogic anatomy, traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and various cleansing processes in different schools and individual workshops in India and Europe. Chakra therapist: cleansing and balancing. Alternate healing therapist - a combination of psychological counseling, Ayurveda, Chakra therapy, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing over six years. Developer of completely scientific attitude towards spiritual practices leading to combination of Eastern feeling and Western mind. Experienced of teaching in more than 80 teachers training programmes, included Bodhi Tree Yoga international, Mahi Power Yoga, Neo Yoga, Siddhi Yoga and many more.


 Diana Bugraeva

Curator of the wellness and educational course RealClean. Personal fitness trainer, nutrition consultant, yoga and a healthy lifestyle fan, a freelance artist, vegan.


Vika Sdobnikova
Editor of CleanEaters.Com, curator of the wellness and educational course RealClean. Anthropologist-traveler, model and dancer. Vegan, fan of conscious and ethical way of life.

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 Ksenia Kondratieva

Editor-translator of CleanEaters.Com, curator of the wellness and educational course RealClean. Yoga Alliance certified Sivananda Yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, health-coach. Vegan, health fan, World citizen, Barre addict.


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 Tania Mint

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 Lena Strebkova

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 Vija Pozarnova

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 Miss Agness




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 Ashot Shaboyan

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 Lada Alshevskaya

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 Daria Zaharova

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 Olga Nikolaeva

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 Anastasia Varlamova

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 Julia Beloglazova

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 Angelina Kardash

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